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Public Uproar Shelves the SOPA Law!

     Congress withdrew the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) but the issues remain. This piece of legislation, H.R.3261, in its original form, was one of the worst, draconian attempts to circumvent our nation's founding principle of Due Process. Both parties supported this legislation.  Fogcutters conducted word searches. There were no provisions for "hearings" or "appeals" or any other due process actions! 
     There are good and valid issues included in this bill.   We, at Fogcutters do agree that there are many fraudulent web sites that attempt to victimize consumers.  On-line pharmacies offer prescription drugs without a doctor's prescription and sell medicines laced with rat poison among other things.
     In response to the public out-cry Rep. Darrell Issa has introduced a far better compromise in H.R.3782. Sen. Ron Wyden has also introduce companion legislation in the Senate, S.2029. These proposed bills do provide protection but within the framework of due process.  See the following links for more information:
     Wikipedia's explanation;
     Chicago Tribune, Rallying 'round the Web;
     On-Line Discussion, opinions and suggestions can be submitted;
     Thomas Congressional Registry - Search for Bill Number H.R 3782 or S.2029

And now for a personal opinion.
     The concept of and practice of "Due Process" is one of our nation's greatest fundamental principles.  Due Process is what separates the United States from many other nations in the world.  When our political leaders abandon this grounding principle to pander to big campaign contributors and big dollar lobbyists they are clearly demonstrating that they, each and every member, are Non-American!  In terms of demonstrated ethics and demonstrated loyalty to American values, "one" could even consider these actions as "Un-American." 

     After reviewing this issue and the many other issues covered on our Congressional Integrity page it is our opinion that none of the listed co-sponsors should ever again be elected to leadership positions and never be appointed to any position of public trust.  Further, we would hold as "suspect" any parties who continue to support these betrayers of American values.  That position includes any business or political organization from the township level and up.  Of course, the decision is up to you....



Here are three links for contacting your politicians, from :
Find your Representative -  Contact information, committees, etc.
Find your Senator -  Contact information, committees, etc.

Consider this: It is impossible to control how political party leadership behaves out of sight.  It's just pure power politics.  However, if one wants to chip away at the dictatorial powers of Congressional leaders, one might choose to make their campaign donations directly to their candidate and NEVER to the central committee, PACs, Super PACs or similar groups that could exert undue influence over the candidate. - Finding Where Truth Hides

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Supporters of SOPA!
Here is a list of those leaders who supported SOPA.  The question to YOU is whether you choose to support their continued presence in Congress!