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    Fogcutters has reviewed hundreds of Internet resources and used the best currently available.  Many sources contain duplicate information and many sources provided background information but were not particularly useful as links on these pages.  Here we are listing most of the  Internet sources that we have saved while creating these pages. 
     Various pages in Fogcutters may contain duplicate links found on other pages if the subject is pertinent to multiple subjects. This list of resources does not include printed and broadcast media unless those sources were also available on-line.
     P.S. We are still adding to this list as we comb through our many links used throughout this site.  If an outside source happens to be missed on this page it is an oversight, at least for the moment.



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Congressional Leadership House
U.S. House of Representatives - Official Site
Congressional Contacts
Congressional Contacts -
OpenCongress - Site for contacts, issues, bills, etc.
Thomas Library of Congress - Search for Bills
Thomas Library of Congress - Home
"60 Minutes" Jack Abramhoff, 14:52 minutes - Video
More on Abramoff - Read more.
Lobbyist Playbook - CBS, Abramoff
Congress Insiders: Above the law?
CNN Cafferty File - About Congressional actions
Congressional Insider Trading -
Insider Trading -  60 Minutes
Insider Trading - CBS written version
CBS News - More on Insider Trading
Insider Trading - A long history -
Insider trading - Wikipedia
Regarding the "Stock Act" - HR 1148,
Current Status of H.R. 1148 - Thomas Registry
Rick Perry - On insider trading (video)
Insider Trading -
Issue Search -
U.S. Senate database regarding lobbyists, etc -
Who is lobbying your officials -
Follow The Money -  State Information
I Watch News - Lobbying groups

Obama's Student Loan Order, critical view from Fox
Student loan plan will help - Public Radio
Higher education costs continue to soar - CBS News
Finding Cost Savings -

Sen. Sanders on Oil Speculation - CNBC Video
Sanders on Speculators - his site
Sen. Bernie Sanders - Wkipedia 
Lobbying and Tax Exempt - 
Top Lobbyist Associations -
Top Lobbyists: Hired Guns -
Lobbyists have too Much Power -
Washington Post, Lobbyists and the Super Committee -
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission -
Wikipedia explanation of various 501 organizations -
Public Law 10465, An Act To provide for the disclosure of lobbying activities to influence the Federal Government
Senate Public Disclosure
The Power of Money: The Ethics of Campaign Finance Reform

Job Creators Alliance -
Lynn Tilton, 20/20 - ABC News
CNBC - Rethinking Work -
Bloomberg -  World Views
Dislocated Workers Act - the act

Dislocated Workers Act - Summary
Dislocated Workers Program -
Dislocated Workers Program - Layoffs
REXO - The Reintegration of Ex-Offenders, also see (PRI)
Department of Labor - Grants & Funding for REXO
US Dept. of Labor - Employment and Training Admin
Unemployment - World Bank
Department of Labor, TAA Program Benefits and Services under the 2009 Amendment
Workforce Investment Act - D.O.L. Program Description
JTPA - Now wrapped into WIA (above) Wikipedia
Job Training Programs are Failing Workers -
McDonalds Training Center -
Turning your Resume Into a Job -
Oversight Report on Job Training Programs - Sen. Coburn
China and Jobs - "Who's Afraid of the Dragon", The Economist
Cheap Imports -
Study: China Trade - Did More Damage To US Economy Than Anyone Knew, People for Ethical Living
The Top Eight Rules of Networking -

Federal Retirement Reform -
2010 Salary Breakdowns - OPM.GOV
    Also See -
Office of Professional Management - Topics
Federal Workforce - OPM


Health Care -
Census Bureau - Health coverage in the U.S.


Holders of Debt - U.S. Treasury
Nations Holding U.S. Debt - U.S. Treasury
Consumer Credit - Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Holdings 8/4/11 - searchable site
Who Holds Fed Debt -
Who Holds the Debt -

Members of Congress -
U.S. As A Whole -
Net Worth Charts - Charts & Estimates
Census Bureau -
Income, Expenditures, Poverty, & Wealth,
Census Bureau - Non-financial Assets held by families
Wealth in the U.S. - Wikipedia Charts
Census Bureau - Income and Wealth, Real Median Income
Sen. Bernnie Sanders - Speech on Senate floor

Congressional Calendar 2011 -
Congressional Calendar 2012 -
Congressional Progressive Caucus
Congressional Progressive Caucus -
Progressive Caucus - Caucus Site
Tea Party Caucus - (Bachman)
Tea Party Caucus - Wikpedia
Eric Odom - Early activist
Tea Party Express - The Current Dominant Tea Party Movement.
Tea Party Patriots - General site with "their" mission statement and links to various State organizations.
Democrats - Central site for the party. DNC with additional links available.
Republicans - Republican National Committee. Additional links at the site.
Campaign Financing - Open
Campaign Finance -
Getting Around the Law  - Campaign Finance, Wikipedia
Wiki Voter Guide -
Wikipedia -  History,  PACs, Bundeling, 527's, etc.
Campaign Finance Reform -
Wiki World Order -
Profile of the Sociopath - Descriptive of Congress?
Sociopath - (dito)
Negative Campaigns -
Negative Campaign Work? -
Federal Register -
Legislative Branch Resources on GPO Access
Political Pressure/Blackmail - How members are pressured
   More Political Pressure

Definition of Leadership -
ComebackAmericaInitiative -
No -

Lobbyists gave donations to charities linked to Hatch Act
Lobbyist: Forcing contractors to disclose donations -
Huffington Post, Deficit Committee Members Have Former Lobbyists As Top Staffers -
Using 'political intelligence' for personal gain - Chicago Tribune
Senators propose rules stopping insider trading by Congress members
Chicago style of gerrymandering 
Re: Campaign Finance Reform -
Petitions from the Democrats - The Disclosure Act legislation -
Petition for amendment to limit contributions -
Stop On-Line Piracy Act:
The SOPA Act Continues To Get Dirtier -

ComebackAmericaInitiative -
No - News


Occupy Wall Street - Declaration of Purpose

List Of Grievances -

Charts of Protesters' Issues - Original source, Chicago Tribune, "Biz Wrap"
Banks of Marble - Pete Seeger 
What Did You Learn In School Today? - Pete Seeger
Protesters -
Your Free Press Blog -
CNBC, Sam Zell on Protesters



Bernie Marcus, Home Depot co-founder on regulations
Bernie Marcus on CNBC (1) - CNBC
Bernie Marcus on CNBC (2) - CNBC
Bernie Marcus, Fox news 11/04/11
Steve Jobs Slams Obama - N.Y. Post
Obama administration - moves to cut unneeded regulations, LA Times
Small business Owners - seek 'sensible regulations
Small Business Owners - Speak Out Against Job-Stifling Government Regulation, Speaker.govn
Government Regulations - Prevent Job Growth (NLRB)
Obama Wrote 5% Fewer Rules Than Bush - Businessweek
Example of Uncertainty - private room for breast feeding mothers
Arsenic in our Juices - ABC
Food Safety News - Seafood
Food Safety News - China
FDA Fails to Announce Recalls - Food Safety News

Unfunded Mandates -
Unfunded Mandates -
Unfunded Mandates -  Congressional Research Service
Unfunded Mandates -  Congressman James Lankford
Government Mandate Relief - NY group seeks relief
List of Mandates - New York State Board of Education
Iowa Plan - (Document dated 11/2001) Iowa Plan, developed with the Dept of Labor
Iowa Plan - Web Site (2001) for Counselors

SSA Projections-A -
2010 SSA Trustee Report - (Long and technical but a thorough source.)
SSA Trust Fund Interest Rates -  OASI and DI Trust Funds
Historic Contribution Rates -
SSA COLA Chart -
Trust Fund Data - FAQ 
Trust Fund Holdings -
Full Retirement Age Chart -
Social Security PIA Calculations - SSA.GOV
Graph of Bend Points - SSA.GOV
SSA Employment Taxes - SSA.GOV
SSA Planners - SSA.GOV Benefits Planner
Taxes on Social Security:
    Customer Help -
    FICA Increase -
    Contribution Benefit Base -
Questions & Answers -
Taxes - Who Pays? -  
Why half pay no Fed Taxes? - Christian Science Monitor
Income Taxes: - Wikipedia
Fact Check, Obama: - Obama's Budget Speech
Tax - Sources:(2002) - GPO
Tax - Sources: (2010) -
2011 IRS Tax Rates -
Income Tax in the U.S. - Wikipedia
Tax withholding tables for 2011 -
Effect of Tax Holiday -
Employment Tax Cut - MSNBC
Herman Cain MSNBC -  MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell
Average Wages -
Median Wages -  Huffington Post
Explanation of Mean, Median and Average - Wikipedia
Obama's Job Bill - Christian Science Monitor
TAX Loopholes - Not just big business!
Obama Tax Loopholes?  -
10 Giant Loopholes: -
Tax Code -
CNBC: Who are the 1%  - video
CNBC: Inside the 1% - video
CNBC: The 1% - video interview with Russell Simmons, author of "Super Rich"
America's 'Oh Sh*t' Moment - Newsweek,  11/7/11
The real problem: Income Inequality - University of Chicago economist Raghuram Rajan
Top 3 Common Myths of Capitalism -
Business Frustrations 
Impact of Foreign Goods Chinese Imports, etc

(mostly broad data sources) 
Consumer Confidence -  CNBC
Consumer Confidence -  Conference Board, On Line Help Wanted statistics
Economic Indicators Online -
World Statistics - Dynamic Charts on a great variety of global stats, Wikipedia
World Bank - GDP in ($) of global economies


Data 360 - Good source for U.S. Data

World Statistics - Dynamic Charts on a great variety of global stats, Wikipedia (Excellent Source!)
General Interest:
The CQ Researcher Online Research Papers - Index - Search Issues
Center for Public Integrity
Dysfunctional - Defined

Profile of the Sociopath - Defined
The Sociopath Next Door - Amazon


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