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Examination of 17 Major Issues

Political and National Issues Study - We are being fed half-truths and distortions!
Our nation must absolutely reject ridged political dogma and find a workable common ground.
Compromise and flexibility is the only way to establish a viable future for our nation.
Remember this age-old advice: "Knowledge Is Power!"

integrity   Here is the "Biggie"! Bountiful campaign donations, powerful lobbyists, Congressional insider trading, hidden power plays and blackmail.
Menu 4 Flaws   Four Cultural Factors that have become ingrained in the American society.  Failing to address these issues can undermine recovery. 
Root Problems   Different from "flaws" -  There are root problems blocking progress to economic prosperity.  (Laws & policies)
Entitlements   Beyond government programs everyone wants considerations giving them special treatment.  A long list that could be longer!
Darker Side   Examples of hidden agendas and denial within the legislative process.  There is a lot beneath the surface.
Get Realistic   Political Summary - We are being fed half-truths & distortions. (So, what else is new?) 10 points seldom acknowledged by politicians.
Inequities   Growing disparity is robbing millions of a brighter future.  The 1% vs. the 99% could be our nation's #1 problem.
Social Security   These programs are easily fixed. Politicians are preferring to create political divisions rather than fixing the problem.
Health Care   Progress is essential before we can effectively address Medicare, Medicaid and national health insurance.
Medicare   Political and populist forces are attempting to destroy these financially distressed programs.
Housing   Congressional mishandling has cost Americans trillions of dollars.  It's time we consider more effective options.
Unemployment   Issues of skills, mobility, trade treaties and attitudes are reviewed.  It's time to stop acting like everything will eventually work out!
Taxes   The bills are coming due for past extravagancies! Now what? Cut? Tax? Default? Compromise?
Regulations   Thousands of new regulations! Most not yet written and businesses balk at expanding until there's clarity.
Candidates   How to prepare questions for all candidates. 
#3, BRING FRIENDS!  (More)
Observation   What are the root causes that lead everyone to point fingers at others but fail to take a really hard look at themselves?
Bibliography   Here are the sources researched and/or used for this presentation.  Many additional sources are provided for your reference.
Action Alert   Fogcutters does not normally sent out alerts but some problems require immediate action.
To Our Readers:
     The above sixteen topics are not necessarily presented in order of importance.  They are all important!  However, the first four topics are presented as a way of describing the environment or context of the problems we are facing. 
     After hundreds of hours researching the vast array of problems facing America, the root of most of our problems comes back to a "Corrupted Congress"! It is so easy to become discouraged but there is way too much at stake to back down now!
     Our position is neither Left nor Right.  We have drawn resources from across the political spectrum.  We hope our collaborative work will help you cut through the shrouded political seas.

Best of Luck!
The Windjammer


There is an enormous amount of information in the above topics.  More than can be digested in just a few hours.  Pick something that is of particular interest to you and investigate it at your own pace.  Choose other topics as the need arises. 

This is a live, continuing investigation.  We will be adding more material as verifiable information becomes available.

"The person who won't read is no better off than the person who can't read."

Better Than Good by Zig Ziglar

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