Consider This Deeper Root Cause
of World-Wide Protests!
(Personal Observation)

have reviewed the major revisions presented on this site. They are good revisions filled with important “information” but frankly, they miss an essential point- Why is there so much angst, anger and disparity in our nation and around the globe?

Families are still losing their homes. Good, honest folks willing to work still can't find jobs. Politicians distort the facts and continue to pander to special interests. What are the root causes that lead everyone to point fingers at others but fail to take a really hard look at themselves? I deeply believe that this question needs to be addressed before delving into the “facts” of what is happening.  The following addresses, quite frankly, generations of knowledge, known by only a few, about what makes some persons successful and others not so much.  By "success" I mean by one's own personal values and not necessarily society's values of wealth, power, acclaim, etc.

Last night Steve Jobs died. He was one of the greatest innovators of our times. There are protests again today on Wall street where they attack the wealthy and the theme seems to be, “The top 50% must sacrifice so the bottom 50% can survive.” Is the story of Steve Jobs and the protesters related? Yes they are! These are perfect examples of the success, failure and corruption of some essential, basic values and concepts.  There is nothing here intended to dismiss or discount the protests!   There are, however, ways to rise above many of these valid issues and find greater personal success.  And that is what this page is all about!

II grew up under the old fashioned philosophies of my parents and grandparents. They were from times when families had “mortgage burning” parties after they made the the last payment and owned their homes free and clear. They were from times even before the Great Depression when folks sought to save at least 10% of everything they earned. They were from times when the quality of life did not rely upon possessions but upon the relationships of family, church and friends. Home equity was never used as personal ATM machines. Money was never borrowed for anything unless it was absolutely essential. Financial leverage? Not an option! Frugality and saving were signs of good character.

My father was an Eagle Scout, a life long appointment. My grandfather, father and I were Rotarians. My father, as a Rotarian, deeply believed in and proudly practiced the scouting and Rotarian principles throughout his life. The Rotarian "Four Way Test" always hung in his office and on the wall above the receptionist at our family newspaper:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

“Way back”... in the 60's my father introduced me to the works of Earl Nightingale. He had one of Nightingale’s taped series and loaned it to me. I was amazed to hear concepts and values never taught in schools. I found this information profound and later subscribed to Earl Nightingale's monthly series, Insights, up until the time of his passing. And, in part, these concepts have led me here today, on my sun-dappled hilltop- fourth generation on this land and third generation in this house- writing this personal message to you.

Earl Nightingale enjoyed great successes and great failures in his long career as a public speaker. Alcohol and other factors destroyed his career and led him to bankruptcy at one point. As he rebuilt his career he discovered what it takes to be truly successful. The essence of his discoveries are contained within “The Strangest Secret” presented below in both an abbreviated version and the full version that I first listened to and that changed my life. And this is where the story of Steve Jobs and the protesters come together!

And now, about those “essential, basic concepts” mentioned above: These are exquisite examples of the “Success,” “Failure,” and “Corruption” of essential principles!

A. Steve Jobs epitomized the values of self-determination and not giving up. Even though he was fired from his own company, his focus remained "what would benefit the customer"? After his return to Apple Computer he and the company eventually received success in direct proportion to that which they provided.

B. Many protesters seek to pull down the successful in order to support those less successful. Success can never be obtained by simply taking resources from the few and giving it to the unfortunate. The law of cause and effect will eventually exert its truth.

C. However, those same protesters are rightfully fighting the excessive influence of the economic top 1% and the detrimental effects that they are having on the nation. If you examine the principles in “The Strangest Secret,” you will see how excessive influence of the few corrupts the natural laws of compensation for contribution.

First of all we need to realize that all too many persons are “following the follower” and not following their own path. In the link below you can discover how disastrous this path can be. When others make poor choices the “follower” goes right along never realizing better options are all about. The purpose of this web site is to provide resources to avoid being led down the paths of liars and unscrupulous. There is a world of opportunists willing to lead the angry and frustrated down dangerous and unproductive paths!

As individuals, states and national governments have sought short-term gains, the principles of honesty, frugality and cooperation have been thrown on the trash heap! Few are willing to take responsibility for the longer term damage caused by their short-sighted focus. Political fear mongering and ridged posturing has divided the nation into extreme and inflexible groups that is ingraining dysfunction as a norm within our national communities. And now, far too many politicians, individuals and groups feel entitled to be exempt from reasonable limits and feel entitled to continue control over others to maintain their special advantage. Fortunately those injured by the political and economic inequities are fighting back but remain susceptible to a new set of demagogues! Ultimately, the damage of short-term priorities leads to the conflicts we now see in the Wall Street protests. Please check out the “Following the Follower” link below. (Elsewhere on this site we address “Entitlements specifically.)

The Strangest Secretis a must read, or listen, for anyone who chooses to get on with life in a successful sort of way. I strongly urge that the message should be reviewed and, if possible, with your spouse, significant others and your family. It is so important and the message so empowering that it needs sharing and sharing frequently! For those choosing to apply these principles they will find unexpected success and to stray from these principles often leads to disappointments. (Personally, I maintain a link to the full version and let it play in the background while working on other things.  Changing attitudes requires frequent re-enforcement.)

Following the Follower, a warning and lesson for all ages. Even if you check out no other link, do read “Following the Follower.” This is an important lesson, especially for our children!

The Strangest Secret, Short 10 minute version. An introduction to personal success.

The Strangest Secret, Full version. Well worth the time as it provides in-site that has never been summarized better elsewhere. 38 minutes.

The Protesters: The American Dream has been stolen from the world. Workers are told that they aren't allowed health care, shelter, food. Students are told that they aren't allowed jobs, and that they will be in debt for the rest of their lives, unable to declare bankruptcy. The 1% has destroyed this nation and its values through their greed. The 1% has stolen this world. We will not allow this to occur.“ (Frankly, I totally do not buy into the “allowed” description above. It sounds like the writer may need to attend some codependency meetings but the basic premise does hold merit.)

At the Root of the Protests: Pete Seeger expresses the mood as an historical context.

Politics & Protesters: Democratic lawmakers have begun to embrace the Occupy Wall Street protests as they spread to Washington, some likening the movement to a Tea Party of the left.

The Politically Powerful: Excessive influence costs everyone. U.S. Senator Sanders reveals politically unpopular truth about oil speculators. Senator Sanders was interviewed on CNBC recently. The interview provides unsettling insight! (This is just one of many links on the subject. Also see: Entitlements!)

Why America Must Revive its Middle Class: Time magazine's review of what's happening and the causes. October 10, 2011

Okay! Now it is your turn!

What is Fogcutters is all about? Providing Resources!
There are a lot of significant things happening that the popular media doesn't follow up on. There is a lot of email B.S. There are a lot of misleading statements and accusations from all political factions. How does one sort through this stuff to find what might be relevant for one's own situation? Fogcutters! We seek to provide the tools, for you – IF you care. It does take time – IF you care. The tools and sources are at hand to achieve and to understand how this nation is functioning behind the scenes. We are trying to present an overview of what IS happening and resources to find personally rewarding paths. How you handle it is entirely up to you. Identifying truth from subterfuge takes time. Likewise, success takes time and is seldom easy. But the principles are simple. Read what you will and revisit at your pleasure.

If past is prologue only about 1 in 10 persons reading this site will really delve into “The Strangest Secret”. Half of those will likely ignore it. That's why only about 5% of persons arrive at retirement and consider themselves “successes.” Many will argue that this is all nonsense and you have little control. Don't listen to them – Remember “Following the Follower”!

Robert Frost has given you guiding advice in his poem, “The Road Not Taken.

Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Much of what you might need is now before you, regardless of your walk of life. 

I wish you the best,

(Revised 1/8/12) - Finding Where Truth Hides

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Important Links

Following the Follower,
a warning and lesson for all ages.

The Strangest Secret,
Short 10 minute version.

The Strangest Secret,
Full version.

The Politically Powerful:
Excessive influence costs everyone.

Why America Must Revive its Middle Class: Time magazine's review of what's happening


"The person who won't read is no better off than the person who can't read."
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