Cutting Through the Fog - Crucial, Root Problems 

Searching for Solutions

Wall Street Protests -
The root concern is trying to address inequities.

Entitlements -
So important that we have a separate link!

Housing Crisis -
Current programs are failing. A radical approach is needed.

Health Care -
Beyond "Obama Care"

Social Security -

This program can be fixed.

Medicare -
After Health Care we can effectively address this..

Unemployment -
Complex but self reliance is a must!

Taxes -
The greatest area of undo influence! Lots of "smoke blowing."

Over Regulation -
Government is ignoring advice from those who create jobs!

Fractured Politics -
Our political leadership and parties are severely split and lacking much incentive to cooperate. If there was to be a 5th root issue, this would be it!

Four Fundamental Flaws
Aside from these 4 "problems" that need to be addressed, there are 4 significant, existing conditions that aggravate finding resolutions.  These issues increase the difficulty and resistance that must be addressed. See 4 Facts.

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      Beneath the many and varied problems that Congress is failing to deal with or is addressing only indirectly, there are four major, underlying issues that affect almost all other issues. Our viewpoints below evolved after spending hundreds of hours examining news sources, political and activists' statements, public and private data sources, and a review of a wide variety of internet blogs.  Quite frankly, many original views changed after reading, listening, and reviewing a massive volume of positions and data. Root "problems" can usually be resolved with proper and objective implementations of legislation and regulations. 
     As our research evolved we discovered that Congressional corruption and arrogance is blocking the way to resolve the following problems and others.  Please see "Four Fundamental Flaws" regarding this extraordinary problem.

You may want to filter political proposals and positions in light of the following!

First and Foremost - Economic Inequities!
     We must absolutely reverse the increasing poverty level and erosion of personal net worth!  Past Congressional neglect and cowardice to deal with the housing bubble and subsequent financial collapse has robbed Americans of trillions of dollars of net worth. 
     America is creating an economic underclass that is finding their backs against the proverbial "wall."  This trend is absolutely reprehensible for any nation calling itself a "free market democracy"! 
      If America wishes to maintain a viable free market democracy then we better darn well pay attention and make some serious adjustments pronto!  Just remember - revolutions, whether social, political, peaceful or violent do NOT begin with the middle class.  It starts and finds support among those who have nothing to lose. 

Second, Entitlements!
Abusive and corruptive entitlements steal democracy from our national community! This goes far beyond Social Security and Medicare programs that politicians focus on! Those government entitlement programs can be fixed.  There are those on Wall Street, in Law Enforcement, in Congress, in Unions, in local and state governments and in our local "main street" businesses who feel that their desires are "entitled" to exist over the needs and rights of the general public. Entitlements generally fall into four categories:
1.  Government programs that we have already paid into;
2.  Protecting the ability to abuse power and exercise undue influence;
3.  The right to make wise or stupid decisions and expect someone else to cover your losses;
4.  The right to receive continuous benefits regardless of one's contribution (From welfare to Corporate Board Rooms to cushy Retirement Programs.)

Third, The Economic Ball & Chain!
     Not Social Security. Not Health Care. Not even Unemployment. It is the Housing Crisis!  If families fear loosing their homes they will cut back spending.  If families can not readily sell their homes and find financing for their next home they will be trapped where they are and unable to relocate where suitable jobs are available.  Stress has been shown to tear families apart and stress has been shown to lead to a vast array of medical problems.  It's hard to find a stressor greater than being trapped in mortgage you can't afford or living in fear that your own home may be taken from you.
     The FBI warned Congress in 2004 of this impending disaster.  Congress did absolutely nothing! Since 2004, 79% to 80% of sub-prime mortgage applications involved predatory lending and/or application fraud.  Forty-seven percent of sub-prime applications inflated their income by 40% or more!  (FBI figures)  And, frankly, those applicants committed major fraud upon the American people and deserve every hard knock they receive.  But still, if we ever hope to get our nation back on track we must resolve this national problem and not cut off our nose to spite our face.

Fourth, Health Care - Not just the insurance side.
     Cutting benefits from various programs only shifts the burden to individuals at a time when they are least capable to shoulder the financial burden. See, First and Foremost above.
Many persons do not have access to health insurance and cannot carry the burden of inflated charges for uninsured medical care. Liability issues significantly increase fees and/or cause professionals to drop classes of patients. Politics twist the facts and pander special interests. If the underlying health care issues are not addressed then ANY insurance reform will ultimately fail to serve the public.
P.S. Before the housing crash medical expenses were the #1 cause for personal bankruptcy.

There you have it!  Four underlying issues that have become systemic in our government and culture.  Any attempt to fix higher level problems are bound to fail as they become undermined by these basic flaws. If these problems are not addressed .... Congress will continue to pander to the public while allowing excessive access and influence to big money donations. The government will continue to print money and give away money to gain votes.  Promises will be made that can't possibly be delivered. 

Here's the Point:
Measure all political positions against these four underlying issues.  Are proposals really fixing these problems or are they pandering to the symptoms and ignoring the real problem? From our local village government to our townships to our counties and state government ask yourself, and others, "Just is WHO is pulling the strings"?  Ask yourself and others, "Which candidates are overly influenced by those outside of our community?" 

See Fogcutters link to "Suggested Solutions" in the left-hand column. We have listed various sub-topics being addressed in greater detail.

  Read at Your Own Pace.    Ignore at Your Own Risk!

10/26/2011 - Finding Where Truth Hides