Social Security - Fixable with Political Flexibility! 

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Our political leadership and parties are severely split and lacking much incentive to cooperate. Attempts to fix major issues runs into a Political Root Issues!








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Our nation must absolutely reject ridged political dogma to find a workable common ground.  Compromise and flexibility is the only way to establish a viable future. 

Social Security:
The largest of the various "entitlements."  We present a set of suggestions derived from reviewing many political statements and data from government sources.  Remember that Social Security is a premium for a future annuity with disability insurance coverage as well as

      We need to understand that Social Security (SSA) has already “loaned” the government trillions of dollars – more than any other entity – more than twice that loaned by China.  Social Security is a “cash cow” and the administration and Congress is “milking” that cow much to the public’s detriment!  This “Economic Stimulus” program is taking hundreds of millions dollars from Social Security.  It is currently estimated that the "Employment Tax Holiday" as configured will cost Social Security around 1 1/2 billion dollars The reduced inflow to SSA is supposed to be paid back some time in the future…  Yeah, Right! 

      We've heard enough political posturing regarding Social Security and the government debt!  The Republicans want to scale back the budget to 2008 levels and they site SSA as a major problem.  And now, they want to allow individuals to "Opt Out."  This is disgusting posturing!  Check the links below for temperate explanations. 
For a Review of Social Security Finances:  (Social Security is Not Broke!) 

      Since fewer dollars are flowing INTO SSA, Social Security must sell off more of its assets ahead of schedule.  Some Congressmen claim that Congress must to pay more out of general revenues and THAT is a direct fabrication!  Opponents of Social Security use this cash flow situation as a reason to reform or “opt” from Social Security without acknowledging that their actions have aggravated the Social Security problem!

>> Consider these Remedies:   Current Suggestions. <<
There are a number of simple but essential ways to insure that Social Security will be available for generations to come.  Both political parties have come together to raid Social Security assets.  These raiding parties are eroding the future of Social Security and demonstrate that neither political camp is willing to honestly face our economic dilemma.

Here's the Point:
Measure all political positions against these four underlying issues.  Are proposals really fixing these problems or are they pandering to the symptoms and ignoring the real problem?  From our local village government to our townships to our counties and state government ask yourself, and others, "Just is WHO is pulling the strings"?  Ask yourself and others, "Which candidates are overly influenced by those outside of our community?" 

  Read at Your Own Pace.    Ignore at Your Own Risk!

10/26/2011 - Finding Where Truth Hides