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        Our nation must absolutely reject ridged political dogma and find a workable common ground.  Compromise and flexibility is the only way to establish a viable future for our nation.
(These issues revolve around the basic question: What should the central government's role be in a free market democracy?)


Congressional Integrity -  Our #1 Issue!
The excessive influence of generous campaign donations, lobbyists and party leadership are calling the shots in Congress.
Congressional corruption is a very complex and shrouded subject.  Special interests are experienced and savvy.  Whatever efforts to resolve the many problems listed below will be filtered and adjusted to accommodate entrenched interests.  See our Main Menu, "Examination of Major Issues" for links into this realm.

Economic Inequities! 
Protests like the "occupy" groups are NOT new. However they have never had the nationwide and worldwide participation to the degree that we are seeing now.  We've been there before! As an historical reference check out "Banks of Marble" - Pete Seeger.  Sure, there are some crazies and malcontents in the protests.  But (a really big "but") this should not be an excuse to discount the the entire group and definitely not to be an excuse to discount the many core issues. See our Expanded Discussion.

Social Security:
This is the largest of the various "entitlements." We have presented extensive information and discussion elsewhere on this site.  Here is a set of suggestions derived from reviewing many political statements and data from government sources.  Remember that Social Security is disability insurance coverage,  insurance benefits for surviving children and spouse, as well as a premium for a future annuity! 
 (Review Prior Examination Here Current Suggestions.

Health Care:
Before discussing Medicare and Medicaid which are dependent upon the nation's health care system we present a variety of suggestions to fix the national health care system in place of what has been dubbed "Obama Care."  We review a variety of abuses and problems together with reasonable actions that can be taken.  Current Suggestions.

Medicare and Medicaid are major issues. Unfortunately they are dependent upon a clear and rational health care program. 
There are political and populist forces attempting to destroy this essential safety net. Many of the basic issues are discussed under this topic. See Medicare Suggestions.

This is a real mess!  It is complicated and for the most part beyond the scope of this site. The major problem is that the Federal government is failing to refund States in a timely fashion.  However, the health care suggestions and Medicare suggestions above may alleviate many of the problems. .

Housing Crisis:
Total Congressional mishandling has cost Americans trillions of dollars. This crisis is wiping out plans to retire with dignity, provide college education for family members and one of the biggest reasons for net worth inequities.  We discuss this Congressional created crisis in Greater Detail with a  Unique Proposal

For the most part the government doesn't create jobs - private industry does! The push for reduced government will produce more unemployed as the government cuts back.  Many of the returning troops from Iran will be attempting to re-enter the labor force.  This is a double edged sword! There are a number of significant problems affecting this near-chronic issue.  Further, the Housing Crisis severely impacts unemployment beyond that of the construction industry.  Detailed Discussion

The undeniable facts are that we, as a nation, have spent and borrowed beyond our means.  The national debt must be brought back down to a manageable level. Some politicians continue to deny the severity of our debt level and want to continue raising taxes and expand social programs. Others seek to clamp down an any tax increase regardless of the negative impact on the nation.  Both sides present a variety of scare tactics and political posturing that do not serve the nation.  Both sides seek to protect their constituency regardless of the needs of the entire nation. We have researched many factors avoided by our political leadership and political activists.  Income Tax Discussion

Regulations and Consumer Protection:
The current administration has created a morass of new, yet-to-be-defined, regulations that is stifling job creation.  Unfortunately these regulations often needlessly burden businesses yet fail to truly address important issues like the importation of foreign goods.  Okay, we are a consumer, importing nation.  Other countries want our business?  So... let's enforce the same food and safety regulations on imported goods that we apply to domestic producers.   More on this issue.

 All of the recent talk about debt, entitlements, taxes, unemployment and other major issues seem to lose sight of several facts that we all must consider and that our political leadership is side-stepping. - Finding Where Truth Hides

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   However, when political posturing starts spewing out distortions and half-truths it becomes time to take a stand and stress the many “facts” that politicians are avoiding as they rigidly pursue their own and /or their party’s agenda.