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Recent Updates - As of 1/1/2012
(See special note below.)

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(As of 2/14/2012)
NEW!   3 new health care quizzes that might help you stay on track for new year's resolutions?

(As of 2/12/2012)
  Absolutely fascinating video showing all of the earthquakes around the world in 2011.  Turn your sound up and wait for the really big ones to hit.  This is a 9 minute video but the most interesting part is between the 40 sec. mark and the 6:47 mark.  Over 9,300 quakes from the mid 4's and up.  Overall there were about 22,281 measurable quakes in 1022.  
  Personal Update, 02/07/2012 regarding the announced threats of Muslim extremists.  Includes a 28 minute Arabic video with translation.  Debating what is the "truth" is meaningless.  This video expresses what these persons actually believe and what is guiding their actions.

(As of 1/29/2012)
The Disgrace of H1b and L1 visa programs stealing American Jobs!

(As of  1/1/2012 )
Located at: Current News
Regarding Online Movies:  Use Caution!  Some sties are potential Rip Offs!  Keep Anti-Virus software updated!
NEW!   See: for a review of movie and video sites.
NEW!   Avoid - Do not go there!  Search "ComplaintsBoard" for details.
Updated > - Free On-line movies. Offering Hulu Plus at $7.99 @ month. Also see: for more details.
NEW! - Music radio on the Internet. 36 genres to enjoy while doing other things.

Located at: Finding Hoaxes
NEW! - Review complaints from customers, searchable database.

(As of 12/24/2011)
Located at: Current News
NEW!   How Stuff Works - Look up information about many topics.  Good site to learn about "things."
     Finding people, phone numbers, reverse lookup, etc.  (No one single best FREE site!)
NEW!   MSN WhitePages - Best overall for persons, phone numbers, etc. but reverse phone lookup redirects to a "fee" site
NEW!   411 Locate - Get Name, age, cities & possible relatives.  Pay for specifics!
NEW!   There is also PeopleFinders and PeopleLookup providing many entries w/o specifics.  Pay for more info! (Not Best.)

(As of 12/22/2011)
Located at: Finding Hoaxes (Check Out Charities)
NEW!   GreatNonProfits - Search for specific non-profit organizations.
NEW!   BetterBusinessBureau - Charity giving advice and search from the BBB
NEW!   IRS - Search for Eligible Charities 501c(3)

Located at: Current News (Tax Time is Coming!)
NEW!   IRS - New Tax Guide Helps People Save on Their 2011 Taxes, Just released Dec. 21st
NEW!   IRS - Frequently Asked Tax Questions and Answers
NEW!   IRS - Tax Fraud Alerts 
NEW!   IRS - Facts & Figures Highlights of IRS statistics available... 

(As of 12/18/2011)
Located at:
Great Videos
NEW!   Best Christmas Lights! - (Volume On.) Techie gone wild!  Requires 3 persons to manage traffic by house..

As of 12/12/2011 )
Located at: (Home)
Examination of Major National Issues!     Extensive review of issues facing our nation!

Located at:  Questions for Candidates -
Congressional Calendar 2011 -        
Congressional Calendar 2012 -           
ComebackAmericaInitiative -
No -                           News and Updates         

Located at: Corrupted Congress -
Black Mail in Congress  How Medicare, Part D got passed in 2003
Classic Chicago Politics!  Gerrymandering: You just gotta check out this Congressional district!

Located at:  Action Alerts! 
Stop On-Line Piracy Act:
The SOPA Act Continues To Get Dirtier -

Located at:
Great Videos
NEW!   Christmas in the Mall - Fun festivities!  Even malls can be fun at Christmas.
NEW!   Draw Stickman - (Interactive!) Draw and interact - Be creative! Plan on taking a 10 Min. break from your day!
Doggie Do! - Add a little green & red and some piercing... ready for a night on the town!
Ape with AK47-Primates are smart.  What the hell are we teaching them???
Apes with Machete - Apes are teaching each other to use machetes!
Chimp plays War Game 
Chimp Plays First Person Shooter!
Air Swimmers- Awesome and Fun! Great (indoor) Christmas Gift? Google "Air Swimmers"

Located at: Finding Hoaxes (General Finance and Investing)
NEW! Not-for-profit resource for financial health. Many links and tools.


Songs to Put Things in Perspective....(found within our pages)
  In 1950 -  Pete Seeger
  In 1958 -  Kingston Trio
  In 1960 - "What Did You Learn in School?" - Pete Seeger
  In 1968 -  Buffalo Springfield 
  Today  -
"Why Don't We Just Dance"  - Josh Turner

Special Note: We wish to apologize for the lack of recent updates.
There have been a number of network access problems and outages at our ISP,
We are in the process of moving files to a new GoDaddy account. Both sites will be run in tandem
until we are sure that all links have been updated.


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