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Life in Wisconsin
How Maw cut the tit off the sheep.

    Last night, at the dinner table Frank was reminded of some of the happenings in his young life when I spoke of the sheep shearing episode in Dr.VanHoosens book,  Says he -
    After Dad gave Lincoln and me our first pair of sheep, we were to have the sole care of them, and the profits from the wool and the sale of the lambs. The first sheep shearing was quite a thing, it was.
     Maw took her kitchen scissors, and while Line and me held the sheep, she started cutting. It was a hell of a job. She cut until her fingers got tired, then we tore some of the loose wool off, then Maw started in again. Them sheep shore looked like hell, all Clumpy and jagged, they wuz. Then Maw cut the tit off one of them and all hell broke loose. The sheep got away and ran flying down the hill, dragging half her pelt behind her, she ran in the brush and got caught, then away again she went.
    That shore was a hell of a day. Me and Lincoln did as the other farmers did, put rocks in the sheep wool bags to make them weigh heavier. When we got to Spring Green, the man who was buying the wool said it would have to be re-sacked, and he upended our sacks and dumped them out, and that ol' rock came bounding out and hit him on the ankle - it was a hell of a big one, it wuz, it wuz. We didn't go back to him with our wool for a long time!
    Another time we were shearing sheep in the barn and I had the job of sitting on a keg in the doorway to keep the sheep in. You know that barn is on a hillside, and I wuz a sitting there looking down to the bottom, when all of a sudden the buck got loose and butted that barrel a hell of a whack, and I went flying half way down to the creek!"

    Another thing that happened to Lincoln, Frank, Slim and Bill during Prohibition Days was when they were told a certain house in Spring Green was selling liquor, and although they did not know exactly where the house was, they knew the general location and started out one dark night for it. When they came to the street they saw a lot of cars around the house, and presented themselves at the door. A man opened the door.
    They stood there awkwardly, and he asked "I suppose you want to see the corpse"? They shuffled in, were taken to the parlor where someone had been laid out! They did not know the man from Adam, but Slim at least was equal to the occasion, he viewed the body sadly, and slowly shaking his head said, "It shore is too bad"! The boys could hardly control themselves until they got out of that house. The bootleggers house was two doors away.

Watermelon Caper
Another time this same quartet went to swipe watermelons in Spring Green valley. They had spotted the garden some days before and were all prepared with gunny sacks to make a raid on the luscious green fruit. At night they very quietly got into the field, and filled their sacks, when all of a sudden the farmer, with his dog and shot gun appeared. Lincoln said " We had to get out of there plenty quick, as there was a high fence to vault over. Needless to say their greed in loading up such big sacks made it impossible to carry' a single melon away, and all they had for their venture was torn overalls and scratches. Lincoln shook his head sadly when he thought of all those melons lying there in the sacks.

Rita Clark

(Est. date about 1960 - No actual date available at this writing.)
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